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Violin lessons under Margaret Dziekonski are suited to students of all ages and levels. Conveniently taking place online in a one-on-one format, each lesson is individually tailored to fit the needs and requirements of each student, covering both solo and orchestral repertoire.


A graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, London, Dziekonski has performed across several continents and has been teaching the violin extensively for over fifteen years. Her current students range in age from six to sixty-eight. She primarily teaches intermediate- to advanced-level violinists, though also loves to take on beginners. Her approach to teaching is student-centered, prioritizing both technical mastery and musicality.


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Learn More

Limited spots available for new students. All lessons are online only. For a free consultation, please fill out the information below.

"Margaret is an extraordinary violinist and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to advance their studies, or even start out on the instrument. She goes beyond the notes on the page to help the student better understand the repertoire he or she is working on, and provides an engaging lesson while doing so. In my experience, Margaret has been able to elevate my violin technique and musicality to a whole new level."

"Margaret has been teaching our daughter, Simran, violin since 2015.  We are very happy with our decision to continue with her. Margaret is intelligent, kind and in tune with the needs of her students. She displays the qualities that make a teacher successful. It has been a joy to see Simran improve over the years. She is now more confident in her ability to read and play music in front of an audience. Margaret’s expertise in the field has not only allowed Simran to progress to an advanced level but motivated her to audition and play with the Philadelphia All City Orchestra. Margaret's attention to detail, professionalism and creativity has ignited a lifelong passion for music and has contributed to Simran’s overall musical growth."

-- Hetal K.

-- Michael A.

"Ms. Margaret has an amazing talent for not only playing but teaching students. She is a very patient and kind teacher. She has high expectations for her students. For example, when I struggle with something such as identifying a particular note, she guides me but also expects me to figure it out on my own. I really enjoy taking private lessons with her and look forward to our weekly sessions."

-- Simran K.

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