Margaret Dziekonski (PhD, MMus, BMus, LRAM) has been teaching the violin extensively for over fifteen years. Her students range in age from six to sixty-eight. She primarily teaches intermediate- to advanced-level violinists, though also loves to take on beginners.

Classical music is Dr. Dziekonski's true passion, which is why teaching is such a fundamental priority alongside her performance activities. The love of the next generation for classical music begins with our young people, and this is where teaching them how to play an instrument is so important. Dr. Dziekonski firmly believes that technique should only serve as a means to a musical end, but without a strong technical basis, a student will always struggle to reach their full potential. Equally, concentrating solely on technique without relating it back to how this enables the violinist to make music from the notes on the page, misses the point in terms of why a person would choose to spend years upon years perfecting his or her craft.

Above all, Dr. Dziekonski believes that learning the violin should always be as much fun as possible. It is in this way that she hopes to inspire the musicians and music-lovers of tomorrow.


Dr. Dziekonski's teaching takes on a nuanced, student-centered approach, prioritizing both technical mastery and musicality:

  • Rigorous technical training

    • Ivan Galamian Contemporary Violin Technique for three-octave scales (up to 24-slurred) and three-octave arpeggios (up to 18-slurred); Carl Flesch Scale System for scales in thirds, sixths, and octaves, and octave arpeggios

    • Schradieck and Ševčík Op. 1 for finger training, Ševčík Op. 7 for trills, and Ševčík Op. 8 for advanced shifting

    • Etudes by Kreutzer, Rode, Dont, et al

  • Emphasis on musical development and understanding

    • Concentration upon individuality in interpretation, specific to each student

    • Differentiation regarding stylistic approach to repertoire across the standard canon, taking into account the historical context of each work

    • Effective conveyance of voice-leading in solo Bach

    • Using bowings and advanced fingerings ('opening up the hand', à la Joseph Szigeti) to bring out the original intentions of the composer


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